We are Nanolab, we are pleased.

You will find us in Brno. We have our own analytical laboratory and facilities that allowed us to launch this e-shop. At the same time, we are a proud partner of the Kaiserman Foundation .

Coronavirus time

Even so, it could be called our starting goal. Our clients urgently needed disinfection on all fronts .... starting with the operation and ending with the employees. And because we are a company that is not lazy, we embarked on research in books and in cooperation with our experience and knowledge, we "erased" the disinfectant solution.

We then enriched it with silver and, as a cherry, created clones from it in the form of gel, balm and foam (it still lives in secret) :)

Do we have a chance in the market?

We don't know that. Maybe Joland might have known, but unfortunately we won't find out. Anyway, let's try it and argue with it. So far we have a great product. And we made a few commitments:

  • True information
  • Goods availability. Keep everything in stock
  • Don't play a dead beetle. When something goes wrong, we face it.
  • Don't fall asleep on your laurels. It's very easy.

    Will we be here in a year or two?

    Definitely yes. We have been here for 18 years and we are growing every year. We have such a feeling that the coronavirus period will soon be replaced by the "disinfection" period. And that's why we're here for you.

    We look forward to your purchase. We believe that it will be pleasant for both parties.