Czech safe nano respirator FFP2 with custom LOGO


TOP3 respirator in the Czech Republic according to the test of nanorespirators by "One of the best rated respirators - comfortable, very pleasant on the face and really well cut". FFP2 reusable respirator. Made in the Czech Republic. More

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TOP3 respirator in the Czech Republic according to the test of nanorespirators by "One of the best rated respirators - comfortable, very pleasant on the face and really well cut". FFP2 reusable respirator. Made in the Czech Republic. More

Product code: P00319 Shipping and Payment

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You can send us a print graphic to
Once we receive the graphic, we will send you a visualisation immediately . We have a very skilled graphic department, if you wish we will prepare more designs for you.
After your approval we start the production, process the whole order and send you immediately by courier.

Minimum quantity: 100 pcs
Respirator color: black/white/beige/blue
Respirator size: M/L
Packaging according to your need: 1/3/5/10 pcs
Delivery time: within 7 days of approval of graphics...however, we usually manage sooner :-)
Graphic work: included in price

FFP2 nanofiber filtering half mask / respirator.
The nano membrane provides the highest level of protection for the wearer against COVID-19 disease.

  • Universal for women and men.
  • Respirator can be hand washed in recommended product without loss of effectiveness: 4 to 10 times depending on the environment in which the respirator will be used
  • the respirator can be regenerated repeatedly during the day with PURE 100% spray.
  • with a tested 99.9% capture of bacteria, viruses, pollen and other submicron particles.
  • also suitable for allergy sufferers.
  • FFP2 compliant.
  • complies with European standard EN 149:2001 A1:2009.
  • Hygienically packed in a three-layer packaging (packaging meets legal requirements for contact with foodstuffs)
  • manufactured for Nanolab in the Czech Republic.


  • optimal size.
  • is resistant to mould and odours and is low maintenance.
  • maintains maximum comfort and convenience when worn.
  • Perfect seal, the nose clip allows for a perfect seal around the nose.
  • Lightweight and portable, weighs just 4g and fits almost anywhere - you can keep it with you at all times.
  • perfectly follows the shape of the face and fits well on it.
  • It is breathable, comfortable to breathe in.
  • The material is very soft, light and comfortable for all-day wear.
  • very high quality with perfect workmanship of all details.


Daily treatment and disinfection
during the day carry out disinfection and regeneration, we recommend using PURE100%

Washing procedure
for washing, use BAMBOO GOLD gentle washing gel, which is exclusively for hand washing of nano respirators, nano pads and cotton drapes. Thanks to its composition, it effectively removes common soiling as well as dangerous viruses and bacteria. It does not damage the nanofiber structure and its unwanted clogging.

Washing instructions:

  • Add 5-20 ml of the product (depending on the level of soiling) to 1-2 litres of water at a temperature of up to 40°C.
  • mix the water and the product thoroughly with your hands
  • place the respirator in the water and leave it there for 5-10 minutes
  • apply the product directly to the respirator and wash very gently in the hand
  • then rinse thoroughly in clean lukewarm water
  • let the respirator dry freely
  • do not use the washing machine or dryer, do not iron

CAUTION Do not use normal soap or normal washing powder/gel under any circumstances, you will destroy the respirator's functionality.

Protection class FFP2 - the mask provides excellent protection against viruses.
Nano - the respirator material (nano membrane) has a very dense structure of individual fibres. The holes in this structure are much smaller than the size of unwanted particles: bacteria, viruses, dust, smog.

Thebest protection: wash your hands
Even the best respirators in the world are useless if you neglect the most important hygiene principles. For example, if you arrive home after a long bus or train ride where you touched the handles and grips, took off your respirator and then scratched your nose, there was no point in wearing a respirator in the first place.

We first test the sold products "on our own skin". Every product simply has to be perfect. Only such a product will be sold. We leave nothing to chance. We only offer quality, tried and tested products.

Test of nanorespirators and nanomuffs.

What the lab found: the company Nanolab claims that the respirator manufactured for them by Pardam, a company in Rokytnice can trap bacteria, viruses, pollen and other microparticles with 99.9% efficiency. While this is not true for individual viruses, the respirator has demonstrated excellent filtration properties - it certainly stands up to the FFP2 class. Unlike the first samples, it is easier to breathe in, comfortably meeting the limits of EN 149.

The reusable respirator can be hand washed up to 10 times in DeziWash (220 CZK / 500 ml) without losing its effectiveness. For quick recovery, the retailer recommends Pure 100% spray (168 CZK / 100 ml).

Practical test. The skin sweats and gets wet less under the fabric, also no need for wipers on the goggles as with other types of masks. Praise was also given to the loops, which are soft, flexible enough and do not pull on the ears. Maybe not everyone will feel beautiful in a black, lightly patterned respirator, but that's not so important.


Packaging 3 pcs, 5 pcs, 10 pcs
Color AzureBeigeWhiteBlack
Czech product yes
Nose wire yes
FFP2 yes
Nano membrane BreaSAFE
OOPP (495/2001 Sb.) yes
Number of layers 3
Respirator print yes
Washable yes
Determination men 's, women' s
Size M, L
Mounting method for rubber bands