Dr. Luft 3 oxygen generator

Oxygen generator for home use. The generator is designed for people suffering from oxygen deficiency. More

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Oxygen generator for home use. The generator is designed for people suffering from oxygen deficiency. More

Manufacturer: NanolabProduct code: DE-Q1WShipping and Payment

Themodern and practical Dr. Luft 3 oxygen generator for home use is designed for people suffering from oxygen deficiency.

Oxygen O2 can improve bodily functions, which is especially important for the elderly, pregnant women, young people in development and others.
It can also reduce fatigue and dullness and help against physical and mental fatigue.

Dr. Luft 3 oxygen generator has many uses. It helps to improve both physical performance and mental ones. Pure oxygen can also reduce stress levels at work, increase short-term memory, which is ideal for increasing concentration when learning, for example. While our oxygen generator is not a cure for learning, it will definitely help you focus, restore alertness and reduce drowsiness. For students, drivers, travellers, the chronically ill, athletes, as well as people who have overdone it with alcohol, oxygen is ideal.

This device has a nebulizer/atomizer outlet, a spray that allows tiny particles of water (distilled water is recommended) to be inhaled into the airways to help treat respiratory ailments. Nebulizers are devices that produce a very fine mist - an aerosol - used for cold inhalation. Nebulizers are most commonly used in the treatment of respiratory diseases, laryngitis and bronchitis.

Examples of possible uses

  • persons suffering from sudden oxygen deprivation, e.g. during COVID-19
  • oxygen therapy, which is a regenerative oxygen treatment that has a positive effect on the psyche, reducing feelings of stress and fatigue
  • oxygen improves the quality of breathing in allergy sufferers, asthmatics and people with breathing difficulties
  • strengthens the immune system and weakened organism.

Benefits of the Dr. Luft 3 oxygen generator

  • easy to use
  • quiet operation
  • stable performance
  • rich accessories included in the price
  • Generator lifetime up to 50 000 h
  • up to 180 min. timer for switching off the device
  • Negative ion function(anions neutralize dust and destroy viruses in the air)
  • night mode
  • SOS button
  • Clear, ideally angled, colour LCD display
  • remote control with a range of 20 m
  • output for nebulizer


  • Oxygen concentration: 90% - 30%
  • Oxygen concentration max: 93%
  • flow control: 1 - 8 L/min
  • easily accessible humidification water tank
  • atmospheric pressure range: 96-106 kpa
  • noise level: 40 dB
  • 130 W
  • weight: 6.2 kg
  • dimensions: height 36 cm, width 34 cm, depth 19 cm
  • safety system: automatic shutdown in case of overload or loss of voltage/automatic shutdown in case of compressor overheating
  • working system: continuous, tested for 3000 hours
  • working temperature 5 - 40 °C

Package includes:
Oxygen generator
Oxygen mask for adults
Oxygen mask for children
Nosepiece - oxygen goggles
Remote control
Spare filters
User manual

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Remote control yes
Display color
Funkce aniont yes
Noise 40 dB
weight 6,2 kg
Oxygen concentration 1L/min 90% | 8L/min 30%
Power supply 230V
Nebulizér yes
Use for home use
Dimensions 36 x 19 x 34 (cm)
SOS yes
Type DE-Q1W
Determination oxygen generator
Medical Device no