Hydrogen water bottle Angelli 1 L


People who want to maintain their youthfulness should think about drinking hydrogen-enriched water More

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People who want to maintain their youthfulness should think about drinking hydrogen-enriched water More

Product code: K1 Shipping and Payment

Angelli is a high-end hydrogen water bottle.
This helps in detoxifying the body and improving the overall health of a person. The bottle has a capacity of 1 liter and is suitable for home or office.

What is hydrogen?
Gaseous or diatomic molecular hydrogen has the chemical symbolH2. It is the lightest element in the universe. For this reason, it is more accessible to cells at the molecular level.

What is hydrogen water?
Hydrogen water is water with dissolved hydrogen gas (H2) similar to carbonated water in which the dissolved gas is carbon dioxide. For a long time, biologists have agreed that hydrogen itself is one of the most natural antioxidants. Hydrogen-rich water contains more vitamins A, C, E than green tea and is 176 times more potent than vitamin C. By drinking hydrogen-rich water, you bring it into your body. The hydrogen then circulates through the body, reacts with free oxygen radicals and neutralizes them.

Hydrogen-rich water from the Angelli bottle can:

  • detoxify the body and skin
  • as a powerful antioxidant to help protect cells from oxidative stress
  • support the body's natural defences

What can hydrogen-rich water help you with?

  • improve metabolism
  • reduce to eliminate inflammation
  • lower blood sugar levels
  • reduce the risk of clogged blood vessels
  • help with allergies
  • eliminate fatigue
  • reduce weight
  • improve memory
  • fight aging

Bottle specifications

  • volume 1 L
  • hydrogen content 1000 - 1500 ppb
  • bottle body: tempered glass
  • platinum-coated titanium electrode
  • charging via USB cable
  • Material: stainless steel 304, borosilicate tempered glass, ABS

4 steps before first use

1. Rinse the bottle thoroughly.
2. Then pour warm water up to 60°C into the bottle, start the production process and leave the water in the bottle for 7-8 hours.
3. Run the hydrogen water production process 6-8 times.
4. Now the bottle is ready.

The 36-month warranty applies to all components of the bottle, including the battery, but does not apply to its capacity. The reduction of battery capacity due to use is a common phenomenon (as with mobile phones, for example) and therefore cannot be the subject of a claim. The battery capacity is covered by the manufacturer's 6-month shortened warranty.

Some questions and answers about the process of use

Can we use tea or carbonated water to make hydrogen water?
No, carbonated beverage will cause high pressure inside the machine and may cause damage.
Tea may produce mineral scale or other substances.

What kind of water is suitable for making hydrogen water?
Household drinking water, pure water, with temperature below 60 °C, water with too high temperature will cause rapid leakage of hydrogen content

By when to drink the produced hydrogen water?
Hydrogen dissolved in water will gradually leak out over time, so drink the water within 30 minutes of production. If the water is not drunk for more than 30 minutes after generation, it is recommended to make fresh hydrogen water to ensure a high concentration of hydrogen in the water.

Always leave a small amount of water at the bottom of the bottle to prevent the electrode from drying out. If it does dry out, water should be poured into the bottle and the electrode allowed to soak for 4 hours before further use

How to clean the inside of the bottle?
Once every 2-3 months it is advisable to clean the bottle with white vinegar. Pour 300 ml of warm water (40-60 °C) into the bottle then add 30 ml of white vinegar mixed with water. If the bottle is heavily soiled, use a 1:2 ratio of vinegar to water. Let stand for a while, gently stir and pour out, then rinse with clean water. Repeat this procedure.

For some reason, the bottle may suddenly stop working - i.e. it works for less than 10 minutes, or it does not switch on, or it switches off when switched on.
Pour water into the bottle, check that the battery is charged.
If the above situation persists with a sufficient charge, clean the bottle according to the instructions in "How to clean the inside of the bottle". Different regions have different water quality. In regions
with hard water, white or grey deposits of foreign matter may accumulate on the electrolytic grid; since the electrolytic grid is made of titanium, which resists corrosion, the foreign matter gradually accumulates and affects the sensitivity of the electrolytic grid, so the chip may not properly evaluate the volume or quality of the water and will automatically shut down.
Wash the bottle regularly to avoid the above situations. Never continue the hydrogen water process with tout water that has undergone a partial or full process.

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Color White
Baterie 3.7V 3000mAh
weight 730 g
Power supply charging via USB
Volume 1 liter
Hydrogen content 1000 - 1500 ppb
ORP - 650 mV
Determination hydrogen water producer
Warranty period 3 years
Mark Angelli