Original Prusa XL 3D printer (5 extruders)


The Original Prusa XL is a large format 3D printer with print dimensions of 360×360×360 mm. More

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The Original Prusa XL is a large format 3D printer with print dimensions of 360×360×360 mm. More

Product code: P00607 Shipping and Payment

Original Prusa XL 3D printer (5 extruders)

Number of extruders: 5
Printer color: black-orange
Variant: fully assembled

Original Prusa XL is a large format CoreXY 3D printer with print dimensions 360×360×360 mm. The printer can be expanded with an optional tool changer with up to five independent heads. The XL is equipped with automatic calibration so that the first layer is always absolutely perfect. With a range of clever features, the XL lets you print huge items with ease.

The Original Prusa XL is equipped with a brand new extruder called the Nextruder. It is based on a precision cycloid gear, has easily replaceable nozzles/hotend and handles fully automatic first layer calibration using a load cell sensor. No manual tuning, no Live Z adjustments. Print quality is further enhanced by the modular heated pad- instead of using one large heated pad, which is prone to warping, the XL uses a set of smaller, individually controlled segments. When printing smaller objects, only the necessary parts of the heated pad that are directly underneath the printed object can be activated, resulting in significant energy savings. As with other Original Prusa printers, with the XL you can use proven double-sided spring steel printing plates with different surface types, making surface maintenance and print scanning quick and easy.

Perhaps best of all: the Original Prusa XL 3D printer can be easily expanded with up to five tool heads using the optional tool changer, which automatically calibrates using a load cell sensor - so no lengthy calibration prints are needed! Our internally developed kinematic coupler mechanism ensures millions of trouble-free exchanges. The use of multiple print heads opens up new possibilities for your 3D printer: you can easily print dissolvable supports, produce objects with up to five colors or simply switch between completely different materials. Individual tool heads will be available on our store as optional upgrades - when you order a single-extruder XL, you'll be able to expand it as you need it.

Say goodbye to first layer tuning

A brand new Nextruder that incorporates electronics with its own processor and stepper motor driver. The Nextruder communicates via a single connector with the rest of the printer - this means that all fans, thermistors, heater and other elements connect directly to the electronics in the Nextruder.

Because the new extruder was developed from the ground up, a number of advanced features could easily be implemented - such as automatic calibration, which makes it possible to achieve an absolutely perfect first layer every time. Inside the heatsink is an internally developed load cell sensor. This allows us to accurately measure the distance between the nozzle and the print pad directly using the nozzle. Thus, it does not matter if you have just changed the printing plate or installed a new nozzle. There's no need to calibrate anything, no need to adjust Live Z or manually tune anything. The XL checks the entire print area with extreme precision and automatically adjusts everything so that the first layer is perfect.

The filament is no longer moved by two small wheels. Instead, we are introducing an all-new precision cycloid gearbox (20:1 ratio) with a large gear drive wheel This gives us much better control over the filament feed and increases compatibility with flexible materials. And we go even further: the nozzle and the entire hotend are easily replaceable. The XL printer allows you to simply pull the entire new hotend out of the extruder without having to disassemble anything complicated. In addition, we have added an extra thermistor to the heatbreak to better handle temperatures and detect unwanted heat creep.


It is significantly lighter and literally packed with the latest technology - it has a powerful cycloid gearbox and a large gear drive wheel. Nextruder is designed to take 3D printing quality to the next level.

Robust CoreXY construction

The XL is based on a robust aluminium extrusion frame, making the printer stable and strong. With high-quality stepper motors, linear bearings and an energy-efficient heated platen with 16 individually controlled surfaces, the XL delivers great-looking 3D prints up to 36×36×36 cm.

Power loss recovery

Large prints usually take several days to print. But you don't have to worry about power failure. The XL printer has a built-in power loss recovery function. In the event of a power loss, the printer saves the last extruder position so it can continue when power is restored.

Automatic first layer calibration

The Nextruder incorporates a Load Cell sensor that allows for fully automatic and highly accurate first layer calibration without ANY user intervention. No tuning, no Live Z. The XL accurately measures the distance between the nozzle and the printing plate before each print - resulting in an absolutely perfect first layer at all times.

Slicer in PrusaSlicer!

The internally developed multi-platform slicer features rigorously tested print profiles for a wide range of common and advanced print materials. With tools such as automatic prop generation, object cutting, automatic object placement, ironing and many more, you can get your 3D model ready to print in no time!

32-bit electronics and sophisticated gadgets

The XL is powered by a new internally developed 32-bit motherboard with expansion ports that allow easy upgrades to up to five tool heads. All the popular features like one-click printing and G-code preview are here, and the XL is also easy to configure and operate.

Wide range of supported materials

The XL printer is fully compatible with a wide range of different filaments. Whether you want to print something for fun from PLA or flexible filaments, or you need to produce durable prototypes from PETG, ASA, polycarbonate or polypropylene - you can be sure that the Original Prusa XL can easily handle them.

Tool Changer

The XL can be expanded (even incrementally) with up to five tool heads, each with its own electronics. The internally developed toolchanger uses a kinetic coupling and fully automatic tool alignment calibration via a load cell sensor. For example, you can print soluble supports or combine up to five colours within a single print.

Key features

  • Printer design: Core XY
  • Maximum print size: 360×360×360 mm
  • Filament diameter: 1.75 mm, support for a wide range of printing materials (PLA, PETG, ASA, PC Blend...)
  • extruder: precision cycloid gearbox (20:1 ratio) with large gear drive wheel, load cell sensor
  • Tool changer with support for up to five tool heads (upgradeable with individual heads)
  • Heated pad: Segmented, 16 individually controlled heated surfaces with expansion joints
  • Printing surface: Double-sided magnetic spring steel printing plates with different surface types
  • Electronics: Internally developed 32-bit motherboard with expansion ports, network elements, one-click printing
  • First layer calibration: Load Cell sensor, fully automatic and high precision first layer calibration, no user intervention required (no Live Z required)
  • Power loss recovery: Hardware, accuracy to one G-Code line

Package contents

3D printer assembled Original Prusa XL with 5 extruders
User manual EN
Power cable (EU)

Color Orange
Use 3D printing
Variant assembled